How to find your own Style

In an industry that is filled with endless choices and fast paced fashion, how do you create your own fashion in a conscious way? We hear a lot of talk about Minimalist Lifestyles and Capsule Wardrobes, which instantly conjures up images of living on 1 pair of trousers for the rest of your life or not buying anything new for the next 10 years.

However those first impressions can be wrong and what we have learnt is that creating your own style takes time and patience. With an increasing amount of transparency from brands, it’s now become easier to spotlight the responsible fashion brands that are in line with your values.

Quality always comes before quantity

Fashion and media influence how we buy; when we shop, we are influenced by images of what could be. Items of clothing are often bought in aspiration of an image we are hoping to portray and before you know it, your wardrobe becomes your whole room. I admit looking through my wardrobe and seeing items of old clothing that were for someone I used to be or new items for someone I hoped to become. We have learnt that quality comes before quantity. Choosing Premium or Organic Cotton that lasts longer creates a great base for you to find your own style in a sustainable way. There are many brands out there who are focusing on quality and being good to our environment.

Being true to yourself

One of the first steps in finding your own style is being comfortable with who you are. Live what you love. Our TADAYO Philosophy focuses on being true to yourself. Our monochrome palette acts as that base for you to expand and grow. We take influences from Minimalism but Minimalism isn’t a one size fits all. Own it and be Perfect in your own way. Create your own #TADAYOSTYLE.

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